Ranting and Raving

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As for a formal introduction goes… I am terrible at them so we will skip straight to the good stuff 😂 and sorry but emoji’s can and will be used but if you love me then you’ll deal with it! 😊 also for the record I don’t think I’m a great writer but who cares read on! Alright Onward noble steed 🐎

Okay SO my first rant and rave is about the bestest, greatest, most fantabulous movie out so far in 2019…..duh duh DUH…

Avengers: End Game!!!!!!!!!

Btw there will be Spoilers for those who have not watched this movie. I don’t feel like reading comments about ruining it so be warned!. Hehe.

Okay, soooooo here we go,

I watched this movie for the 3 hours it took in theaters. (Literally, even had to pee so bad during said film but was a champ)

Anyway, Let me just say I’m an emotional wreck about this movie.

I am so so so so so so salty that they killed IronMan like he was nothing to them! Yea I know he was a hero and yada yada but why? Like how you just gon take him from his daughter and wife like that and myself like that?! What kind of heartless cruel human thinks like this? 😭😭😭 Stan Lee, how you gon do me like that? 😂

Not only did THIS situation puzzle me and scar my poor, female emotional piece of a heart, but I noticed a few other things I was curious to know more about as well.

First, where in the world or should I say Universe, did Loki go? (Who side note is my fave character, Tom Hiddleston is my man in celebrity world 😂)

So what if Loki isn’t truly dead…like what if he went forward to the future or something himself when he stole the Tessaract and can he take me with him? 😂😂😂😂 JKJK

This is in reference from the scene where Ironman and C.A. went back in time the 1st time and found out Cap has America’s buttocks which indeed he does 😳

And Seriously if you have info or insight on this part please comment, and NO, I’m not referring to the booty either haha. But No judgements LOL

As for the second puzzler of this epic movie, Will there be a movie later explaining the perspective of all those who turned to dust the first time and where they disappeared to? Because remember, Spiderman aka Tom Holland (second fave) said where he went when Thanos jerk of a self snapped half of life in the universe to non existence, that everyone else who disappeared were there…so like where did they go?

These things have traumatized me! I seriously sit and think for hours about this… Lol not really but still. Are we meant to find out….???????

And My third final question: WHY WAS THERE NOT AN EXTRA SCENE AT THE CREDITS OR AFTER????? STOP PLAYING WITH ME MARVEL! 😭 This is supposed to be in every movie dang it. And you made me feel like a little kid about to blow out birthday candles until older sibling decides they want to steal said joy away from you…. Shame on you for making me cry! Like why do you want to play with my emotions, do you want to disappear? No pun intended 😉 (maybe pun intended actually HAHA)

Anywho, so now that those rants are out… Care to enlighten me on your opinions about these things or maybe even some thing you have a question about. Because I’m seriously losing my mental stability over these 😂😂😂😂

But for now I must go, but before I do, the joke of the day as I finish my first blog ever because I’m awesome and you just had the time of your life reading my rantings and ravings….

“Yo mama so big that Thanos had to snap twice to make her disappear. “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

(Please don’t report me. Just a joke 😂 )

And if you have any suggestions or topics you want to hear from me about let me know in the comments too.

But Tune in next time for my unknown topic of endless stupidity. 😂

Adios amigos ❤ KenJen